Steel Balls


“We are at the service of our customers with Steel Balls and Cesa Makina”

We are manufacturing rolling machine and manufacturing machine equipments to many countries abroad. I believe that we have proven our quality in the market. After the trust and courage we have obtained from our work quality, we have produced R & D and market researches, and we have been producing our own machines by manufacturing steel mills. Tic. Ltd. Sti. We started by establishing the company.

“We produce special solutions for the mining industry with our Steel Balls company”

Cesa Makine İnş. Contracting San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. and Steel Balls Steel Mill Ball San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. was officially established in January 2017 as a group company. In this company, we produce high strength steel mill balls in the mining sector. Although we are new in the sector, we are selling mill balls to many companies. We produce steel balls with high abrasion resistance and optimum quality standards. Because of our experience in machinery, we know the production and material processes well. Material quality, ovality and internal structure controls are seen as 0. We are very sensitive about customer satisfaction. We are committed to low cost, long-term milling to our customers.

As of now, our production of steel balls with Ø20-Ø25-Ø28-Ø30-Ø40-Ø50 dimensions continues. In the following process, our investment projects and works are continuing in large sizes (060-0120).

“We produce at world standards”

Steel Balls is a company that adds value to the grinding circuit with value-added engineering solutions and combines its production with knowledge and experience. Our main aim is to produce the steel balls, which are the consumables of the grinding mills in the mining sector, with the focus on the grinding environment and maintaining it without compromising on quality. Reliable supply chain and world-class production and customer-oriented work is done in this direction.

“Our primary goal is customer satisfaction as Steel Balls”

Steel Balls products are produced in the optimum chemical composition and hardness range in the range of 20 mm to 50 mm diameter according to the demands of our customers. Our steel balls, manufactured with high production capacity and energy efficiency, maximize wear life for the right grinding environment.

Continuous improvement and development efforts to optimize the wear performance of our products and increase production efficiency. Taking into account factors such as ore hardness variability, rapid wear of the primer, we produce with the most appropriate sustainable cost and ball mill selection.

We offer the highest quality products according to our customers' requests and incorporate technological developments into our production process.

“Our other company, Cesa Makina, continues to add value to the iron and steel industry”

In the production range of our company, the rolling mill equipment of the iron and steel companies is located. Products we have produced Roller Box and Slit Case Manufacturing, Static Runners, Flying Scissors Blades, Crank Blades, Product Scissors Blades, Scrap Shears Blades, Slit Case Rollers and Monobloc Case Rollers, Monoblock Machine Tools, Monoblock Rings, Monobloc Shafts, Monoblock Conic Bushings Classic Manufacture of Rolling Mill, Pre-stressed Rolling Machine Complete Manufacturing and Mounting Shaft Holder Manufacturing. In short, we produce all manufacturing related to rolling mill and projected production according to customer's request.

“We have successfully closed 2017”

In 2017, both of our companies passed successfully. We have closed the year of 2017 with our product range and our productions. We hope that 2018 will be a more free and more productive year in terms of both our country and our sector.

Saim Kahraman
Chairman of the Board


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